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CLC is an alternative education facility for high school aged and adult students, and is located in the Kengard Learning Centre.

Our first focus at CLC is creating a friendly and safe learning environment for all students and staff. We believe that learning happens best when students feel welcome and accepted.

Another focus of the program is to develop an individual plan to meet the particular needs of each students. The students at CLC are a very diverse group with a very wide range of challenges and goals. Staff work with each student to create the best program.

For school-aged students, we offer a wide range of activities and supports – a full time SEA, First Nations Support Worker, Youth Care Worker, Learning Support Teacher, Transitions and Behaviour teacher, along with a growing group of community support people to help students with challenges at school and in their lives.

We also offer many fun and enriching activities throughout the year. Daily group lunch and cooking opportunities, FoodSafe course, field trips to Kamloops, Vancouver, Kelowna, WHMIS Training, “L” test prep course, PE and Art activities, bowling, PAL and CORE Training, Work Experience support, Girls Club, Level 1 First Aid Training, and many other valuable experiences are available at CLC.

For older students, we can offer great flexibility in working with the more complicated commitments and busy schedules that many adults have.

Students at CLC are working toward graduation, upgrading skills, and pursing personal educational interests. They work individually, in group activities, independently, and with a teacher. They are engaged in a wide variety of educational activities tailored to meet their individual needs.

And above all, CLC is a community. We work, learn, eat, and laugh together.


**Currently we have over 95 students enrolled with CLC**


Community Learning Centre Parent Advisory Council (CLC PAC)


B.C. parents have always found ways to support their children academically at home. They also have a legal right to volunteer in their children’s schools, as well as opportunities to participate in other ways.

Volunteering is not for everyone, but it can be a good way to get more directly involved in your children’s education, and of course we always welcome parental involvement at CLC.

Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) are the official voices for parents at the school level. If you have a child in a B.C. public school, you are automatically a member of the school PAC. However, you do not have to actively participate unless you want to.

The CLC PAC is a non-fundraising parent group that meets once per month at CLC. All parents are welcome to attend, learn more about CLC and be involved in decisions that impact our school.

Past CLC PAC meeting minutes: